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In every case,established limitation between history and prehistory is cracked and no wonder power anymore will not carry it back at the old place.Beside somewhat imagination,we may make visible that the majority of human functions cross today bounds which are not long ago deemed as a bounds of rational and normal.History,like staple medium and catalyst of universal consciousness, has into that context exceptional location.Social awaking of "neolithic" stratum, like historic categories and autonomous semiotic system,just per se is not neither possible.It may be just a step for revealing inmost layers of a semiological functions of man,and finally towards uncovering of a historical facts about genesis of ours (sub)species.Contemporary scientific-technological means,especially from the area of a forensics,are already of voluminous help into that work.The means which manufacture a scientific-technological revolution will sponge out , into a range of sight time,the bounds between established professions.Distinguish will be ,at priority,a semiotics means which lead to the realization of goals,being they economic(exact measurably)or non-economic(leading on the raising of quality of living).Only criterion for intelligent and humane use of those means may be new historical consciousness,whose contents of ( chiefly just arguably) are here indicated.


By trying to summarize,I stress primary thesis which may bring to the new historical consciousness, proportionate to the requests of scientific-technological revolution and to the traditions of progressive historiography and related disciplines:

1.Temporaly limitation between history and prehistory is required to be set forward from currently 6 000 to 30-40 000 years.

2.-Moment,but not and a cause of the "origin"of man is his biologicaly-sexualy unfittness and "copernicanian reversal" into a way of coming to the world and a sexual contact beetween hominids.

3.Complete historic span of the existence of man is required to be looked at priority through the development and interchanges of a dominant semiotics systems.

4.Order is like that:simbolical semiotics(40 000 -14 000 years);lingual semiotics(14 000 - 8 000 years);affiliation semiotics(before 8 000 years with continuance into a some territories until today);economical semiotics(from 6 000 y. until today);and ecological semiotics(from 2. half of 20.century hereafter).

5.Inside economic semiotics,the emerging and development of respective tight social-economyc units is required to be methodologically related upon universality subsequence of development ,because they originate from them and makes his "short recapitulation".

6.Contemporary science and technology makes possible establishing value equilibrium between this historic as well as current semiotic systems and will leave the door open for the elimination of total prevalence of economy in a social life.

7.Such methodological approach mostly draw upon denomination"historical anthropology".Aplied method is historical and dialectical materialism which,how was visible, must not be tightly tide up with classical Marxism.


Concisely,for execution of the first industrial revolution it was sufficiently the proficiency of national history;for socialist overturn inside the same technological premises lasted the setting of thet history upon social-economic and class principles.Microprocessor,molecular and others facets of scientific revolution desires proficiency of universal history and homologous higher level of historical abstraction.In the frames of capitalistic legality ,such metamorphosis will be impossible.
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