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Expressive medias of the economic type of semiotics are universally cultural values , which the History too often push into a space of cultural and political exclusivism,in other words into a totalisation of economic orbit of social life.The attempt of outleting from that contradiction resulted with new one;"Neolithic"consciousness was made out positivists, like a experience of contemporary ,or just not long ago vanishing communities of that type,and not like a category of historical consciousness.In their extreme format,such approach brought to the whole neglecting of a history and a lonesome idea the time(some structuralist!).It subsist a really threat that such concept conclude with the request for returning to"barbarism".

Last some few decades begun with silhouetting of some young type of semiotics, which surpasses,and at the same time pull into himself , all up to now ones.That is ecological semiotics.Problem of pollution of the environment,from local to global phenomenon,become all more to the universal problem.Prospering societies of the West,into a which is a class partition almost vanished,do in vain try transpose unclean production into a "Third world";contamination and their consequences returns like boomerang.It became visible a new,global, class segregation which indirectly afflict also a ruling part of the world.Omnipotence of a capital gradually does restrict with requisitions for a clean technologies.In front of protagonists of scientific- technological revolution there are a new challenges,antipodal to the politics of insatiable capital:new resources of energy,instead something so primitively such as the oil is,then continuation of an average human age on at least 120 years,are some of a visible goals The moving of the scientific-technological revolution into a undeveloped countries.harmonized wit their needs and possibilities,is another important goal.Additionally,it have to be established the globalism on the democratic and socialistic bese,in spite of the ruling neo-liberal one.Whether would capital,or some of powerfully state assimilate these goals,does not hang only of them.Ecological consciousness has its principles which surpasses a logic of might and money.For now , it does manage a conflict between ecological consciousness and logic of capital;in the long run,it will shape a new semiotic context which will absorb symbolical,lingual,affiliation and economic semiotics,attributing them a new quality.Destruction of the bounds between history and "prehistory" will be shown up as a key in that process.

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