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Subsidence of the climatic changes(which are a really base of a legend about "Flood" in almost all worlds mythologies and religions) have brought a deeply changes into a means of living people as much as the building of a new type of semiotics.It´s material base became agriculture and cattle breeding,and interchange of material and cultural values does appear across the complex system of affiliation relations.Term "agriculture revolution"(and later also "urban revolution") primary is into a science withered by G.Childe,and complexity of affiliation relations and their exceptional highbrow throws has been best described by C.Levy-Strauss(on the base of ethnological material).Media for transferring messages and counterbalance various social interests became magic,myth and ritual,predecessors of a present-day artistic,religious,and partly scientifically expressive means.System of affiliation relations became a new type of semiotics which has subordinated to themselves earlier dominant types:visually symbol and language.Rules for assemblage of marriages and inheritance(and inherit does collectively property and cultural features), puts into a interaction universality and separately into a historic development ,as well as into a non-timing,synchrony level.Therewith in point does occur and the myth about origin which concrete ancestors of some community proclaim for universal ancestors of mankind,beside obligatory presents of supernatural powers.It comes until contamination of shadowy consciousness about collectively descent and collectively history of all people and the consciousness about exclusivity of a narrow community.For all that does appear "ideological"suppression earlier dominant semiotic systems and to them appurtenant ways of production,they linger its autonomy and becomes segment of"congeniality semiotics".

Roots of mythical consciousness have been aroused in hereunder period of historic development.Primary attribute of this consciousness is suppression or forgetfulness of a facts about common development course and beginning of homogenization narrow communities which will endeavor to make out universal and human impose upon other similar communities,or to take them from any human features.Parallel come up as inner,primarily mild,hierarchical relations .Also a concept of ethnicity does occur in hereunder period.Complex system of symbols(especially on ceramics,timber,bones clothing etc.),lingual differentiation,religious knowledge and rites,wears some collectively attribute:pretension for protection materially self-sufficient of narrow community(kin,clan,tribe etc.).However,like as revealed in contemporary ethnology,congeniality of the blood do link lines of enormously,often continental proportions.We will see that modern History is not far from moving off from described format of mythical consciousness,although them has attached some rational cap(i.e.the other type of rationalization).

Estimated lengthening of this,archaeological to bee said than ,"neolithic"period ,somewhat is quandary.First appearance of that type are old 8-10 000 years and dominated ,all over to appearance of industrial revolution,into a major part world.Into a certain isolated country,furthermore ever related weakly means withstand attack late technological and semiotic creations.

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