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Appearance of what we today denominate image art coincide also with appearance of our (sub)species.I will endeavor to prove that the social-historical sense of this appearance is widely major than what to them attributes present-day vulgar-economists interpretations."Art", into its primarily function, is not a rude pendant or "overhead"of technologies,but staple integral segment of the productive-communicative functions of man.It has then been dominant semiotic framework, which has in itself reunited all intrinsically social functions,medium for protection and interchange total cultural experience.(We will see that a verbal intercourse undertakes this functions merely much later!).Contradictory experience of biological unity and cultural diversity ours (sub)species come across its early expression exactly into a visual-symbolical(or"iconic")performance.Image perfection of those performances rested until today unsurpassed,such as unsurpassed is this specific human tension.From this was silhouetted one type of semiotic expression with its autonomous canons whome is impossible to explain by copping current forms of economic interchange and cultural communications.That period may be conditionally denominated as a epoch of symbolical semiotics.This,briefly sketched epoch of human development coincide with the period of"Upper paleolithic" towards vital archaeological classification.

It has been interrupted with big climatic changes on Earth globe,incalescent,dissolve of glacial caps distended until then deeply into a,today moderate climatic zones,rising of a sea level for round 100 meters,changes in a vegetable and animal world etc.These changes have been initiated before some 14 000 years.


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