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Historical consciousness was from the beginning the basis of every social consciousness.At the present time,into a era of scientific-technological revolution,it does occurs in that region dramatically changes which are, according to their intensity, at least peering to the discovery of History in the epoch of first industrial revolution and constitution of bourgeois society as the hegemony of entire consciousness.

Leading forces of the scientific-technological revolution have long been joined by nailing together into a shell of old relations,thinking out upon miscellaneous ways to customise to them;miscellaneous shapes of "alternatively"ideologies,"sexual revolution",psychotherapy and some spiritual sectarians wears this collectively trait.Political constituting of the subjective forces of scientific- technological revolution happens 1968.y. when they have been carried away in the wave of left wing ideologies,crushing with Maoism,Trotsky's,Che Guevara and Castro,anarchism etc.Soon thereafter the capital has recognised profit potentialities of that forces ,so that they have been disperses into a miscellaneous forms of modified bourgeois ideologies,or -in the best occasion -into a ecological and peacemaking movements and parties.

Emancipatory potentialities of the scientific- technological revolution surpass those narrow attempts for adaptation into a established conditions and is introducing deep negation of still dominant bourgeois society,inside whom it came into a being;at the same time,they surpasses also a possibilities which has until recently got Marxism and evolve space of the legitimate prolongation social processes and movements which this has initialized.

The conception of History ,arised into a 18. and 19. century, is introducing compromise between rational and mythical knowledge.Hers capital component is Jude-christian myth about genesis of a world and a man,and precision role have played a rival(sometimes complementary)myths of other provenances:German,Slavic,Italo-roman,Greek,Egyptian etc.

At the dawn of modern the tought Anglican archbishop Usher calculated ,rationalizing the contents of the Bible,that the dawn of the world has occurred 4004.y. before Christ.Posterior researches have revealed that the dawn of the Sumerian civilization - hence History - in point of fact fall down into a time round 6000g. before present.Thereby have been derived also a constitutive elements of History or civilization:state,writing,coinage,mensuration units and,by latter expansion of insight,specific way of the production of tangible goods, homologous level of technological development,as well as emerging of social classes and class order economic relations.

However,ulterior researches have revealed that also before the "civilization" subsisted,documented into a homologous stratigraphical stratum's,human communities and cultures established upon different rules of social organization.Those knowledge have shaken Old Testament myth about genesis as well as its "scientifically" rationalization.Like rescue-offering formula was find out a term "prehistory" ,with which was unquestioned presence of those phenomenon,but they have been put on the other side of our subjective and historical experience.(Term has into a science terminology primary withered Lubbock in the work "Prehistoric Times",1865.y.).At the same time,recent culture of"prehistoric" type have been passed through by similar treatment:ulteriority of a "primitive" cultures became important ideological justification for unscrupulous colonial expansion.Inside the same spiritually limits, bourgeois ideology carried out socio-psychological suppression of all formations of social and individual subsistence which exist upon "prehistorically" or "primitively" level also into a modern societies;"subconscious" and "subcultural" appearances have been proscribed out of legal society and put up under the control of repressive mechanisms and/or experts.

Modern technologies requires using of all possible human resources potentialities which classical social sciences, on the head with History,strangled into a orbit of privacy,folklore or essential uncognosizableness.Issue of the emancipation those potentialities, which comes to this onto a cognisance-semiotic capacities of man,have to become supremely "economic" issue,issue of ulterior development of the production forces.Whether will to bee proceeded "liberation" which dictate capital by means of manipulation with massive consciousness ,what does today appear in the global relations and which is in condition to hold out merely short-term hope or mass psychical discharge of irrationally type?;Or will be restored socialist traditions into a new conditions ?


Each myth tends to explain the dawn of ethnic or spiritual community upon which it does pertain and that "early beginning" to assign whether exclusive,or universal characteristic which to the particular community suffer dignity of the first or predominant over other human communities.This endeavour appears, at least partly,humanly valid.However,no mythical consciousness ,like nor pseudo-rational bourgeois History,and neither Morgan-Engels early attempt for rational explanation of older history,are on no account handling with today available facts.

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