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Crossing into a high-developed farming production and homologous "governmental"organization of society does occur at the first time before six millenniums into a valleys of Euphrates and Tigris,thereafter in the valley of Nile,and almost at the same time into China and India.Straight development of metallurgy has followed this occurrence and is not necessarily bounded with higher types of social organizations.(Thus the majority of European civilizations have included into a new technological processes on slightly modified base of"Neolithic"type of society.).That what is for here presented making out of the history intrinsically,is the appearance of writing ,which modern historic science considers as "historic source first grade",and mathematical measuring units.That discoveries characterizes appearance of a new,economic type of semiotics, which has then undertaken the hegemony role of all social relations.In other words,created was merchandise-money economy.The contents of a concept of semiotics coincide now with Marxist making out of the idea of economy, by means of which,however, is Indeed to deliver up-growth line towards beforehand shapes of social life.This shapes have composed totally developed semiotic units,and not some kind of defective economy.This level of abstraction is needful ,on how will to be seen,for solving of problems which at the present time enforces scientific-technological revolution.New merchandise-money economy(or economic semiotics)has created,beside many attainment of universal nature,also a class segregated society.On this level of abstraction,that means that late semiotic shapes have subordinated to itself older ones;symbol,language and affiliation of the blood have to became cargo on the market ,or have ,at least indirectly,obeyed to the economic rules by the aid of separate institutions created for this purpose(civil services, contrivance of mastership and repression,church,conducted art etc.).That are at the same time institutions for economic and class subordinating of people.Exploited classes have to become hereby bearers and (most oftener unconscious)keepers of the old,alienate semiotic systems,in other words of originally creations of human history.

This "civilized" society has over-pasted through great number of phase stages,"formations",and through the great number of specific regional forms.In the light of above mentioned facts and hypothesis,it does silhouette some of theirs,up to this time neglected,common attributes.Staple attribute of all those phenomenal formats is that they in their development necessarily traverse -into a concisely and territorial limited facets - all the phases of universally semiotic development.Falling of old and breeding of late formats tied up is always with intuitively and ritualized repetition of originally "origin"of genus and ulterior intrinsically phases of development .(Moreover, does not onto-genetic development into a biology is unable into a roughly lines to describe like the repetition of phylogenetic one?).Falling off:generation chaos,misrule,moral looseness...;Renovation:Initiation of new rules and customs(conventions).Such events are,beside technological development,staple contents of history.Present-day historiography put into a foreground wars and diplomatic documents that are,however,,just side effect of a casting events.Although the testimony of the facts of material culture and theirs semiotic interpretations procure on significance, the methods of research and interpretation are perfection,still does subjective statements materialized into a scribed(particularly "diplomatic")documents,withhold prim at;the era of materialistic making out of the history does not really yet began.

Historic science make methodological and logical mistake when wholly neglects first two epoch of a semiotic development of mankind,and to the third pays respect merely partially, like "prehistory";it neglects them,but it emanates on the other positions whereby them is not a place.Error come thereby, why current or wanted conditions are copping into a past.God`s will or merchandise-money relationships are proclaimed as a cause of arising a community per affiliation(and causes are,we have seen biological,technological and semiotics complex);thereafter follow taking-over of"neolithic" mythical thought which apsolutizays origin of tight community and attaches him universally character;finally,leaped phases of symbolical,lingual and partly affiliation semiotics are put into a latter age and proclaimed as congenitally attributes of a concrete community.Actual order,into which universal and particular development goes in unbroken line, become prohibited topic,and the History a subtle instrument for repression of a bourgeois society.In spite off obviously contradictions, the bounds of such made out History ,are considered as a bounds of reason.(Similar can be told also for philosophy and theology,like most abstract forms of thinking).Of course that such "reason"can hardly put in opposition those ideologies which for proper principle takes "barbarism"(i.e.nazism and fascism).

Contemporary scientific-technological revolution subvert a bounds of that carefully constructed world of fictions.Symbolical and lingual semiotics,like part of the nouveau communications-informatics systems acquiesces a new autonomy,and global economy brings the making out about global cognition of all nations.This process is absolutely inevitable, even into a conditions of predominantly one-direction(non-democratic) course and rough manipulation with massive consciousness.Scripted word didn't more(or soon will not be) dominant,neither hierarchical superior semiotics instrument.Microprocessors equally and "paritable" leak and cultivate all forms of semiotic expressions and uplift amongst them comparative and equivalent analogies.Only,it does not speak to us nothing about their past,"neglecting" to this mode the role of a solely subject of history - man.Historical consciousness have to become thus solely instrument which would let him off to direct on the machinery which "thinks" and to,on the base of cultivated information, carry out the decisions.In the opposite case,machinery will be found into a ministration of technocratic ideologies and media of, up to this time, instanced submit and manipulation of people and social communities.Social thought of high developed(capitalistic)countries had to ,parallel with intervention of scientific-technological revolution,unfold process of liberation shortly tabooing areas of consciousness and behavior.

Watching into a context here signified new historic consciousness it has to start up,and that just partially,only consciousness and customs relating to the rules for establishing affiliation relations .Many regional,national,racial and morality barriers have been thrown down.Nevertheless,it avoid to awake these changes on the level of history, like birthplace of common social interest.(That is social content and bearing of contemporary globalism).That would be concrete mean of interpretation "neolithic" "affiliation semiology" from orbit of ulteriority and privacy(which are otherwise logical incompatible) into a zone of political,historically mediated experience.

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