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Modified was also a materially base of peoples living.Big netting animal have perished and hardly passable woodlands grew up.Man had to customise upon the new ecological conditions. Hunting upon tiny game,usually tided up with fishing and gathering of products, became dominant.That connoted binding for tight country and certain type of cultural closure,what does glance off also upon elocution and transfer of experience.Such as tailed away voluminous ecological systems of tundra and steppe,like that tailed away and common symbol - amongst which have been dominate big Pleistocene beasts,scenes of hunting and expressions of women.It does occur the need for building new semiotic system.That new medium for expressing oneself become language.Speech communication has been into a beforehand epoch just rudimentary developed,does not possessed none consistent rules.Now,phase-locked cultural closure,language become a capital device for reminding upon forlornness biologically unity of a kind and at the same time the medium for notation objects and features of coarctated ecological system of a respective group.Hence his complex structure which tend to, at the same time ,express universally and separately values.Concisely,hereunder period does procreate amongst fewness members of humanity voluminous lingual assemblages which does into a rudiments kept until the present time.Language,likewise as well as visually symbol into a previous period,have to become autonomous semiotic system,dominant device of complex social communications which contains production plus interchange of materially goods,but is unable to be reduced to economy ,because it does not manage with measurable measurement.It became some kind of abstract bill of exchange,common cipher for the whole social values which may or have to be interchanged.This period coincide temporally with late Upper Palaeolithic and Mesolithic and existed towards roughly calculation from 14 000 until 8000 y. before present.It may be generally marked like the epoch of lingual semiotics.
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